Unarmed Security Guard License Renewal Process

Renewal Application

Every two years and 90-days before submitting an Unarmed Security Guard Registration Certificate Renewal Application, security guards must successfully complete an 8-hour continuing education (refresher) course.

The Arizona unarmed guard card renewal process is nearly identical to the initial application process. Guards must complete an 8-hour refresher training course and resubmit an entire application packet. The only difference between the initial application and renewal application packets are a few checkboxes at the top of the application form.

AZ DPS Licensing Unit only accepts money orders, cashier's checks, company checks from the sponsoring agency, or the exact amount in cash. No personal checks.

Arizona Administrative Code, Title 13, Article 6, §R13-6-602(A)

The qualifying party of a security guard agency shall ensure that a person employed as a security guard by the agency completes eight hours of refresher training before renewing the security guard's registration certificate.

Arizona Revised Statute, Title 32, Chapter 26, Article 4, §32-2632(B)

All renewal applicants shall complete eight hours of refresher training within ninety days before submitting a renewal application. The department shall establish the required training curriculum.

Fingerprinting/Background Check

All security guard applicants must provide fingerprints for a criminal history check by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) per Title 28, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), §16.34.

Fingerprints may be taken at law enforcement agencies, commercial enterprises, or private parties that administer fingerprints. Classifiable fingerprint cards of all applicants must be submitted with the Unarmed Security Guard registration application. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) standard fingerprint cards (form FD-258) are recommended.

Per Arizona Revised Statute, Title 32, Chapter 26, Article 3, §32-2623(A)(2), the DPS may conduct periodic state criminal history checks to ensure continued qualification under Chapter 26.

Application Steps:

  1. Complete the mandatory refresher training course.
  2. Complete the Security Guard Registration Application.
    a. The DPS-licensed Security Guard agency/trainer completes and signs Parts A and C.
    b. The applicant completes and signs Part B.
  3. Complete a fingerprint card.
    FBI fingerprint card FD-258 is recommended.
  4. Take passport-sized color photographs of the applicant's face. This is the photograph that will appear on the Security Guard Identification Card issued by the DPS.
    Photographs should no larger than 2-inches by 2-inches.
  5. Proof of identification, such as a photocopy of your driver's license, passport, etc.
  6. Obtain application and background check fees of $72.
    Payment must be in the form of a money order, cashier's check or business check from a DPS-licensed security guard agency. Personal checks, credit cards and debit cards are not accepted!
    Checks should be made payable to "DPS."

Download the Arizona DPS Licensing Unit Application Instructions (.PDF)

Application Packet Checklist:

  • Completed Registration Application
    Registration Application signed by applicant and employer/trainer (authorized personnel)
  • Proof of identification, such as a photocopy of your driver's license, passport, etc.
  • Completed fingerprint card
  • Two (2) passport-sized color photographs of the applicant's face
  • Application and background check fees of $72
    Must be Security Guard Agency check, money order or cashier’s check (no personal checks, credit cards or debit cards).

Mail the application packet, with payment to:

Arizona Department of Public Safety
P.O. Box 6328 MD 3140
Phoenix, AZ 85005