Online Student Manual Purchase Instructions (Students ONLY)

Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to purchase a copy of the Guard Card Training Manuals using the coupon code provided in the online training. Coupon codes are exclusively for students who have paid for and enrolled in the online training program.

NOTE:  These manuals are not a self-study course. They are supplements to the online training program and not required. They are provided as a courtesy to students who want printed material to accompany the online coursework.

Coupon Codes are available in the associated online training program. We will not provide coupon codes via email or over the phone.

Licensed training facilities and PPOs may license these training materials. See for licensing programs and prices.

URL for the Arizona Manual:

Arizona: 8-hours, Unarmed Security Guard Skills Training Course

To purchase a Guard Card Training® Manual:

1. Go to the URL of the manual you wish to purchase (listed above).

The manual page appears.

2. Click the Add to Cart button

The Shopping Cart Screen appears.

3. Click the Checkout button.

The "Please sign in to CreateSpace" Screen appears.

4. Enter your Login credentials or Create a New Account.

5. Click the Login button.

The Shopping Cart Screen appears.

6. Enter the Discount Code and click the "Apply Discount" button.
This is the discount/coupon code provided in the online training program.

The screen updates with the amount of the discount.

7. Click the Checkout button.

The Shipping Information screen appears.

8. Complete the shipping and billing information per standard web purchase practices.